SterJo Task Manager

SterJo Task Manager 2.9

SterJo Task Manager is an easy-to-use task management utility

SterJo Task Manager is a simple program for managing processes, services and connections. On the developer’s site, it’s mentioned that this is an alternative to Windows’ Task Manager. However, it seems that it’s actually complementary because it has features that Windows’ tool doesn't and it lacks most features found in the Microsoft’s tool. For example, you can’t set a process affinity to a certain CPU core or adjust its priority but you can easily find the executable file that started the process.

Although this tool shows more info about processes, the same thing (and even better) can be achieved in Windows Task Manager after tweaking some settings. A better name for this piece of software would be SterJo Services and Connections Manager because that’s where its strong points are. When it comes to processes, all it can do is to terminate them or show you the executable file’s properties (useful but already available under your operating system).

The tab that shows the local area TCP/IP connections is an alternative to the ‘netstat’ command but in a graphical form. This makes it much easier to keep track of your connections. Another advantage is that you can execute some simple but useful actions such as closing a connection or terminate the process that started it.

The services manager is the most complex part of this application. It has the same capabilities as Windows’ service manager and two more interesting features: it can also display the driver services and change the startup type to boot or system (besides manual, automatic and disabled).

In conclusion, this is a good utility for managing services and connections that also allows the user to perform basic actions on open applications and processes.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Easy to use
  • Good services manager
  • Good connections manager


  • Process manager is too simple ( Windows Task Manager is much better)
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